Sodium Helpdesk Feature Request: Many Features Requested

    • During ticket creation, I have the opportunity to create new Organization, Contact and Ticket Type but there is no way to manage/edit those new entries once they're created.

    • Would love to see full blown multi-tenant/multi-client capabilities built-in.

    • The "organization contact" should be able to see ALL tickets created by that organization's users who are registered users.

    • Ticket owner/creator should receive updates via email when ticket is updated by assigned "responsible" individual

    • Have the ability to choose which type of update to ticket generates a notification email to ticket owner/creator (ie: send email to owner/creator when external note is added but NOT when internal note is added or when time is added)

    • Have the ability to create a ticket on behalf of another user (ie: admin creates ticket for client who can therefore receive updates on ticket via email) and add this capability to group permissions so only some individuals can be allowed to create tickets on behalf of others.

    • Have the ability to delete tickets once created

    • Have the ability to multi-select tickets for deletion.


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    Damn, I even looked and didn't see a Sodium group. My bad.

  • Hey there, I'll say this. Some of these are definitely already on the road map. And the rest I'm going to be looking into doing as well! Thanks for the suggestions.

  • This upcoming release will allow users to fully delete tickets (and all information that is tied to the ticket).