Asus has really gone down hill

  • I have to share the absolute worst Asus experience I've ever had in my career.

    Let me preface this by saying I've been an Asus fan boy for as long as I can remember. That has drastically changed.

    A few months ago, I built a professional desktop for a local content creator. I built their desktop with an Asus Sabertooth Z170 S (I've built with lots of Asus boards, and rarely have any issues. Support resolved issues as needed). Things were different this time. The PC constantly froze and shut down. After checking parts, I determined it was likely the motherboard and not the PSU, CPU, or RAM. I got an RMA started, 2 weeks passed, and no box showed up (advance replacement was approved since this was business and not a consumer level RMA, determined by Asus). Called them back and they then sent the box (another fail).

    Second board was received and right away there was visual damage, DIMM_A1 was bent at an angle but I installed it anyway to see the outcome. The computer froze and shut down. I advised the client that another board be purchased, to which they agreed. I installed a MSI Z270 and things have been rock solid for weeks, obviously another bad Asus board.

    So I submitted another RMA and received a confirmation email, which said I needed to call or chat for an RMA to be completed. I chatted Asus and guess what I received "our RMA system is currently not allowing chat agents to complete the process. Please chat us back in 48 hours." So I called in and I've now been on the phone for over an hour. Once I got connected with someone, it was so hard to hear the guy as he sounded very muffled and spoke terrible English. I asked if he could fix at least the muffled portion, to which he wasn't able to.

    The agent on the phone said I would need proof of purchase to complete the process. I said this was not possible as enough time has passed that the receipt was discarded. After fighting with them, they put me on hold to complete the RMA process which took 20 minutes. To top it off, I get to pay for shipping after this whole process. Unbelievable.

    I'm not recommending Asus anymore, which really sucks cause they were awesome for a long time, in my experiences.

  • Sorry to hear that man

  • I've been choosing MSI more and more.

  • I bought an Asus laptop - the most expensive one at the time. It exceeded the requirements to run CAD software. It was horrible. It would hang, freeze, shut down, etc. straight out of the box. Replaced with a new one. Same model. It did the same thing as the other. Returned it and used the money to purchase an HP. I too will never buy Asus again.

  • I've had similar experiences with ASUS I'm sad to say. I've been using Gigabyte and have not looked back.

  • wow not good to hear.

    I still love there Android tablets.

  • Just got word today that a >1 year old lab of Asus Chromebooks are failing at a nearby district. They are replacing them left and right every day for the last ~10-15 days.

    I'm losing faith more and more in a once great company.

  • @BBigford

    I was eyeing this mobo:

    cause its available in my local shop, but just look at the reviews:

    Failure after 3 months...
    Don't walk .. Run Away ....
    Terrible board

    That mobo should be perfect, good Intel NiC + good Realtek Audio + Good Price,
    but look at those angry reviews, many of them seems legit. I checked Many newegg Ryzen motherboards, none have the same hate, for example AMD Ryzen 5 1600 have 0 bad reviews, and Biostar Mini ITX reviews has reltaively good reviews:

    Very strange that Asus mobos are doing that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @guyinpv said in Asus has really gone down hill:

    I've been choosing MSI more and more.

    My MSI
    has lasted for quite some time now, I reckon I got this at 2013-2014, and constant daily use, and it is pretty neat, no sign of issues and even if I sell this PC I still think it will last a few more years without any issues.

    The thing with MSI though, is that I wish there audio component in the motherboard were better.

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