Windows HOME Security

  • Thought I would drop this for comment. We are setting up four Windows HOME boxes to be used as XIBO display units.

    As part of this, they are co-mingled within a Domain system, but will not be ON the domain - thus why they were ordered with Windows Home.

    My first thought is to of course change the computer name and put them in their own 'Work-Group' and apply some security to them.

    What else might one add -

  • Service Provider

    Home security is no different than Pro on a domain. The domain doesn't provide any security, if anything it creates some shared risk. Firewalls, AV and the like just like normal.

  • Why not just use Linux? It runs on Apache or Nginx

    nvm: That is the server side.

  • Otherwise, Change Computer name, set them in work group, install software, and go... oh, and adjust firewall rules, etc as needed.

  • These words don't belong together "Windows HOME Security".

    0_1492634450867_windows home security.jpg

    There. That's better.

  • Step One: Install something other than Windows Home
    Step Two: Be more secure

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