Install a Basic WordPress Site with WP-CLI

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    WP-CLI is an open source command line for WordPress. Here we will demonstrate a very basic install of WordPress assuming that we have a working web server and PHP stack with MariaDB or MySQL already installed. And assuming that you have installed WP-CLI and have it in your path as wp.

    First change directory into your default web directory:

    cd /var/www/html

    In my example I am using CentOS, RHEL or Fedora. But the idea is the same regardless. Now we need to download the WordPress files.

    wp core download

    Once downloaded, we need to make a wp-config.php file, which we can do by copying the wp-config.php.sample file and filling in our credentials for our database server. We need only the server name (normally just localhost) and a username and password that have been set up with access to create databases on our server. You can specify here a dedicated database name (not yet created) or one that is already created and specify an unused prefix OR.... we can do this with WP as well...

    wp core config --dbname=databasename --dbuser=databaseuser --dbpass=databasepassword --dbhost=localhost --dbprefix=prfx_
    wp db create

    This command takes the details in the wp-config.php file and creates the database that we need based on the specifications there. If you are doing this multiple times with a single database, most of these details can simply be copied from another installation.

    Once the database is ready, we are free to set up our site:

    wp core install --title="My Cool Site" --admin_user="admin" --admin_email="[email protected]"

    That's it. Your site should be up and running assuming that your infrastructure is ready for it. A very simplistic example, but just three commands from blank LAMP (or similar server) to working WordPress install.

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