Setting up an IVR with FreePBX 13

  • The IVR is how most people handle calls at night and if they do not have a receptionist, they use and IVR for daytime call handling also.

    Navigate to Applications -> IVR

    Click Add IVR

    Give it a name and description and then click the announcement dropdown. This is where you will find the recording you previously uploaded or recorded.

    Change direct dial to enable if you want people to be able to go directly to an extension.

    Change the timeout destination to terminate call / hang up

    Click add entry at the IVR Entries section and then add another entry until you have enough options for your desired IVR.

    Click Submit and Apply Config

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

  • Often sales people and management will ask, "How do I check my voicemail from outside?" I always recommend that they enable voicemail to email, but for those that want it, you can set up a silent option in the IVR.

    What I mean by silent option is that you will add another option to the IVR, but you will not announce that option in the recorded audio.

    Add another entry and choose the Destination category of Feature Code Admin and then select Dial Voicemail <*98>