Creating Ring Groups with FreePBX 13

  • Create the ring groups, if any, to be used as a destination for inbound calls. Go to Applications -> Ring Groups.

    Give the ring group an extension, and fill things out appropriately. Pay special attention to the ring strategy, most ring groups are ringall or hunt in my experience.

    These two options are a preference that needs discovered prior to setup. Skip busy agent means that if a person is on the phone their line will not be rung. Enable call pickup lets you pick up the call form elsewhere if you know the ring group is ringing.

    The final decision for a ring group is where to send the call if no one answers after the set ring time. This is again a value that should be discovered prior to setup. It is often dumped to a voicemail box or back to an IVR or to another different ring group on no answer.

    In this example, I am setting the Tech support ring group to send the call to voicemail (without a message, only instructions). I like this option because you can send a call to voicemail without setting up a generic voicemail and the callee never knows it is a user voicemail.

    Click submit and apply config. Make more ring groups as needed.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide