Installing FreePBX 13 from the ISO

  • Connect to the console, and select the second option Full Install -- No RAID

    Unselect IPv6 as full IPv6 support is still lagging in the VoIP world.

    Set the local timezone for the system. Users do not understand UTC and there is no method to let users specify their own timezone for email notices and such.

    Set a secure root password.

    Get a coffee and wait.

    Once this finishes, the installer automatically reboots the server.

    • If you following the guide and using Vultr, it is important to note that Vultr still boots to the ISO. So you need to remove the ISO yourself..

    Then go back to the console and if it did not restart, tell it to reboot. I just click the CAD button.

    After rebooting it will execute a first boot script to update things. Refill your coffee.

    I have once received this error. I hit the CAF1, logged in, ran yum update -y, and then rebooted. The first boot script then ran successfully.

    Once it is all done, open the web GUI and if you see this, you are good to go.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide