Pertino and Office 365

  • Here lately we have been seeing a trend with computers that have Pertino installed and their ability to use Outlook 2013 or 2016.

    It seems that prior installing Pertino, Outlook operates fine and can reach the O365 services and communicate without issues.

    Post installation Outlook starts to prompt for the users password repeatedly.

    Even with the MS SARA tool it continues to prompt for password.

    Any thoughts - I have a ticket in with Pertino at the moment as well.

  • Is there any kind of trend? Like it is people with AD over Pertino only? Or anyone with Pertino regardless of how it is used?

  • Banned

    I've had Pertino cause so many network issues with a large number of different services, It is a completely undependable product. They do some REALLY screwy stuff under the hood to hijack traffic.

    Look into these guys. Way better designed product.

  • Seems like ZeroTier really took over the work that Pertino was doing. Not directly, but in a sense.