Cooksmarts Praise


    There have been a few posts around recently about what people are eating and cooking and recipes, so I wanted to share the service that our family uses. I used to work 8-5 while my wife worked afternoon/nights in television. I would come home from work and cook, and I got pretty good at it after 10 years or so. When we had our first child she became a stay at home, which meant she would be taking over cooking. She was an OK cook, but making a couple weekend meals isn't the same as cooking 6-7 nights a week for a family. Also, our biggest problem is we could never decide what we wanted, or what sounded good. We would also go buy groceries, and use less then half of each ingredient before it went bad.

    Cooksmarts is a paid recipe service that is amazing. It is less than $10 bucks a month, and they put out 4 new recipes a week that are seasonal, with nutrition facts, from scratch cooking, and delicious. They also provide videos to learn how to prepare food. If you are busy, they have weekend prep that lets you prepare as much as you can before the week so on weeknights you throw everything together. Lastly they have ideas for how to use left overs and what can be frozen, etc.

    The way it works is they send you 4 recipes a week, you select that week, or any archive week, and how many people will be eating each night. They show a groceries list and you check off what you already have in your kitchen. Then the site emails you a list by department what you need to get at the grocery store. The food is delicious, for example next week is International week so we are having Thai noodles with muscles, Mexican torta sandwiches, a French Nicoise salad, and Jamaican pork burgers with pineapple salsa.

    I am not paid to endorse this company, I just absolutely love it. We have subscribed for about a year, eat better, lost a ton of weight, cut our grocery bill, my wife learned how to cook, and we no longer argue about what is for dinner, we just debate if we want the current week, or try something from the archives.