ASUS RoG G752 - Review

  • So this is gonna be a down and dirty review of the Asus RoG G752VY. I've had this laptop for a little over 4 days now, and it is a complete beast in terms of raw power.

    Drive Performance
    The M.2 PCIe 256Gb SSD is blazing fast. Things load up far faster than on a conventional SSD.
    The 1TB Winchester, is clearly here just for data storage, useful sure, but this laptop (if i could call it that) is clearly for gaming. A larger PCIe SSD would've been better.

    With the 980M, I've been able to play Warframe on the stock settings (at 1920x1080) resolution and get a constant 75+ FPS. The screen being a 17.3 inches certainly helps with gaming as well, seeing as no one wants to game on a 12" display...

    The built in display is huge, larger than I had thought it would be, but that works for me, I want a big display in order to play on, as said above a small screen for gaming just isn't fun. Especially if you have to hunch over to see it.

    Here is where I have some complaints. The speakers are behind the bottom edge of the laptop display, not just above the keyboard. Which makes for an awful lot of Echo, which if you want to not wear a headset to talk to people will make it difficult to understand what they are saying.

    At 9.5 lbs this isn't a portable laptop, it's pretty heavy, but you get what you pay for with the performance of the laptop over all. I use it on my couch and have no issues with it on my lap, but I certainly wouldn't want to lug around this beast for long trips.

  • I love my two ROGs, they are awesome laptops. Very glad that I went for the 15" screen both times, though.

  • I have an ASUS ultrabook and I love it. It's built really well. I think I'm going to buy their stuff from now on. Unless I get enough money to buy a System76.

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