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@travisdh1 I've been searching on Indeed, Monster, Linkedin, and DICE. But so far I have only had 2 interviews. One went well, made it to final rounds. The other went really well, and they said they thought I deserved more money than the job offered and wanted to see if I was interested in other higher paying jobs with the company...I said yes, but not to count me out for this one. Then I got the "you haven't been selected" letter.

This was from a fortune 500 company so it wasn't "Jimbo's or Pat's". I'm really trying nearly anything really.

I get called by 'recruiters' in India who can barely speak english but not much else. I guess it's a tough market right now.

It's funny, I'm not used to applying for a job and not getting it. In the past if I applied for 3 places I usually had offers from 2.

All job listing sites are going to have more jobs that either aren't real jobs or have already been filled. If you pay attention, you'll find the same job listed on every single one. It's just a mess, without any way to weed out what are actual active listings.

I've mostly had recruiters come to me, but when I was applying I had a decent hit rate.

My advice is stop spamming out a general resume and tailor it towards the position you actually want. Basically apply for less jobs, but tailor your resume towards them. Also study up on anything you may not be familiar with when approached for the interview..

No problem spinning up virtual lab to learn about a product for an interview you want to nail. You could say something like I've used product A, but have also extensively tested X (their product). Then go into detail about some things about X to show you've actually used it. Say something like I'm not super familiar with X, but from my experience with it. It's quite intuitive and easy use. Then state your lab project and some challenges or accomplishments achieved during it.