@Dashrender said in Two ISP Fail over Internally vs Externally Fail over: what does it do that the ER-L doesn't? I know someone else (the guy at SW who swears more than JB) recommended the Peplink to me years ago... but I think the ER-L can do many of the same things now. Much like Tivo and generic DVRs, they function the same, but the actual execution is more refined. Outbound load balance has been a feature for many different devices for a while now. I've got an ER-L right now, yeah it does the load balance between the two circuits. But since they are very different speeds, they don't balance as evenly as Peplink can do it. They also don't offer bonded VPN and their interface is easy as fuck to deal with. Yeah, I can buy a TWC DVR, but my Tivo does more.