Yes, it is a hard time for me, I usually give better than I receive. Whining about it does not make it better for you or for me. In essence I am sorry.
I am new to this site, still feeling my way through things - built up expectations -etc. You have my take on one side of a problem I have here at work. Without Management chiming in - how do you know if I am being honest with you or just making myself look better?

It would be easy to browbeat others and create scenario's where I am the hero and they are the villain, but we all have our reasons for doing things the way we do - right - or - wrong.

You be the judge? How on such meager amounts of information! It is like asking a pc graphic's problem but leaving out you are running corel x6 on a 486/66 with 64M Ram with onboard video, then asking "Why are my 5 meg JPG's taking so long to open? You would naturally assume (at least I may) core 2 duo, 1g ram, at the slow end - but alas Assume came onboard.

Thanks for your input, that is what was important. I may have been fishing, and you took the bait. Left me with some good advice, I unfortunately reacted hastily with hostility and jumped on you for it. No matter, It makes me look bad, but going with the rest of the story, I cannot convey the intense feeling of frustration to you I was under trying to avert what I perceived as a minor/major disaster (still not an excuse for that reaction).

Look how it rolls, downhill, even to people you don't know... Dealing with change easy, dealing with intense emotion's "Crazy Man". Again, Sorry, and thanks.... Maybe someway I can make amends? Then there is always time. Thanks!