Hyper V - CPU Processing Power

  • hi all.
    wonder if you can help. I have a hyperV server with 2 VM instances running - 1 File server and 1 DC.
    We've recently installed new AV software (McAfee Endpoint Protection) of which requires an SQL instance which we have installed and is running on the FS server.

    I am now finding that the 'McAfee Scanner service' is taking up a lot of CPU space and in turn slowing things down when users access files.
    I have modified the 'on-access' demand settings to only scan when writing to disk, not reading and will see how it behaves....But my question was more to Hyper V settings...Under the HyperV settings, there is a Resource Control feature where you can balance resources among the VMS.

    I wondered if I could limit or change things here to help CPU usage from over flowing...Any ideas?

  • Changing that at the hypervisor level would affect the entire VM. You mentioned that you installed the software on the File Server itself - so choking that on CPU won't help your problem, it would only make it worse.

  • Well, to me it sounds like you've got two options. Either Add more CPU to the File Server, or find a different anti-virus for the file server.

  • I would contact McAfee support.

    You've just bought the product, give them the chance to help fix it.

    If they cannot fix it, then consider getting a refund and switching products.

    EDIT: Every software company will have glitches/flaws. So when they do go wrong, use their support. Nothing is 100% free of issues. What is unfair on the software provider is not to tell them about the problem and not give them the chance to help their customer.

  • I agree, definitely reach out to Intel/McAfee and see what they can do. If they can fix it, great. If they cannot just move on and get something else like Webroot. I'm sure a trial can be arranged as @nic is here.

  • Thanks guys.
    I have started by adding some more exceptions to the on-access scans and will see how it behaves!