Backbone always blames LEC (and vice versa)

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    So at most of our locations the backbone doesn't come straight to our building (aside from the data centers) and is handed off through a LEC. It seems with all of them they always blame the issues on each other rather than work together to fix it. Do you guys run into this a lot?

  • I blame a lot of this on regulations being stupid.

    In 2000 I was hired by SBC to work for their new DSL support division called Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI). SBC had been mandatated by the FCC to create ASI as a separate entity as a condition of the Ameritech merger.

    Part of making it a completely separate company also meant that ASI was legally not allowed to directly use SBC resources for anything. To get a CO tech to rewire a single circuit on a DSLAM was a multi hour process.

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