LibreOffice update broke my fonts

  • When I opened LibreOffice this morning, it told me there was an update. So I downloaded it and installed it. It surprised my by requiring an reboot which I did a bit later.

    The next time I went to SW i was greeted by almost everything in Bold Italics. It was horrible. It seemed to only affect Chrome.

    I assumed that SW was making some nasty change and moved on with my day.

    Well I just wandered over to another website, where I know nothing was changed and it showed up in bold italics also. At that point I knew there was a problem.

    A little poking with the inspect element feature showed me the bit in bold italics was calling Open Sans. I poked at Google and then the Windows Fonts folder and found all but two of the Open Sans fonts were gone.

    So back to Google and downloaded the fonts. Installed them in Windows and now everything is back to normal.

    I am really upset that LibreOffice thought it needed to screw with the system fonts at all. Also a bit annoyed that it updated form 5.0.3 (i think it was) to 5.0.5 and not to 5.1.1