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  • So - I've been in IT for a while now - but always part of a local IT Team. Now, I work for a consulting company, and love it so far. However, I'm having problems with the transition from telling your boss that you'll get a task done, versus an entire scope of work for a client to mull over and dissect.

    The question being - are there any good (or half decent) resources for SoW templates? By this I mean how things are laid out in a presentable fashion for a client. I know WHAT to do...just not HOW to lay it out.

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    I bet that some of the Continuum people could help with that.

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    @Minion-Queen will, I'm sure, have input here but is out sick today.

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    Documentation is my weak point.

    I basically make everything myself. I do not have any templates.

    What you need to know is how much detail needs put into the document.

    For me, I just type up a well formatted document with the reason for the proposal, the proposal, and a breakout of the costs. Then present it to my client.

    But I am not an MSP either. I am an ITSP.

  • I guess I'm looking for maybe a template repository, or something along those lines. Just a pointer in the right direction, then I can run from there. Once I get a feel for how people lay things out in the business, I'll start getting my own flow down. It's just that initial hump I need to get over.

  • @scottalanmiller said:

    @Minion-Queen will, I'm sure, have input here but is out sick today.

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