Latest Linux Kernel Zero Day Not So Bad

  • Some insight into this week's Zero Day Vulnerability in the Linux Kernel. Both Softpedia and InfoWorld share some guidance on how bad the bug is and who has been affected and who might be affected.

  • Does it really seem not so bad?

    I mean other than the fact they don't think anyone has exploited it yet, it sounds like it might remain unpatched in a lot of systems.

    And who knows if someone really exploited it? (Though that could be said of any exploit.)

  • The author of the Softpedia article may have some good points, but his closing line loses him all respect from me: "If you want to panic over vulnerabilities, do so about the more dangerous ones that have yet to be found."

    So, don't worry about a known issue that can grant root access, but instead I should be freaking out about the things that no one knows if they even exist?

  • Yeah I read that the same way @Kelly .

    That's like being paranoid about catching some tropical rain forest virus when you live in the tundra, so you just stay home all day and night.