Xen Orchestra - Backup yourself!

  • So I don't recall if this was ever answered or what would be a solid solution to backing up your Xen Orchestra VM.

    Now simply, you could have a second VM running Xen Orchestra to backup your "primary" XO installation but this seems like the long way around.

    Additionally I could run NAUBackup to build a full on whatever schedule I need.

    What I'm curious about is what does @olivier recommend to backing up a XO installation. The same applies to the XOA that his business supports, what do you recommend in these scenarios?

  • I would say: use XO to backup your VM running XO (whatever using XOA or sources). Inception eh?

    About the install itself:

    • the main config is inside the redis database (often in /var/lib/redis)
    • and the other source of data (mainly jobs etc.) which will become probably the only database in the future, is the leveldb database: probably inside /var/lib/xo-server/data/leveldb.
    • the config file of your xo-server is useful too

    If you backup those 2 db's + the config file, you can even start a new install of Xen Orchestra, and retrieve everything (configured servers, ACLs, backup jobs etc.)

  • That was my thought process as well the whole "inception" concept....

    So XOS should be able to back up it's self to the target NFS without issue. Or is a manual or separate approach recommend?

  • Or even better yet, simply schedule a cron job on XOS to backup just the target information to my NFS target?

  • @DustinB3403 If he can't backup itself, there is a problem, and it means you can't backup any other VM. Otherwise, using a file backup of the small DB + config file is pretty easy and useful.

  • So I tested the backup functionality within XOS and the appliance backs it's self up without issue.


    No additional tools required. Great design @olivier !