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  • @anonymous I'm already a long-time member a I've not found much else is needed.

  • Not really and here is why....

    • They already exist all over the place.
    • Nothing is "just Linux". The moment you want to run an app or do a task or connect to something it isn't just Linux anymore. So having a community really focused on an operating system family loses a lot of value, I think. Not that there isn't value, but there are tons of communities around that need already that do a good job. Especially around specific Linux distros which is more useful than a generic Linux one because Linux doesn't actually have very much cross-distro shared content.

    It's a good idea, but creating another community that not only competes with lots of existing Linux communities that have good content and competes against this one doesn't seem needed. What's the benefit over just putting the same questions and discussions here, for example?

  • I have to mimick Scott on this one.

    I already have a hard time ever visiting SpiceWorks since this place opened. Not likely I'd ever point in yet another board.

    In my other life of Star Wars, there are about 100 different forums that I am member of, but I rarely visit them and I just wish they would be all under one heading - one logon then search for what I want.. yes it would be a massive site then, but damn it would be convenient.

  • One of the problem with having forums "by technology" is the same issue with having groups - unlike tags it forced conversations under strict headings when strict headings don't exist. For example, is running SMB on Samba on Linux for Windows desktop use a Linux or Windows question? Or a storage question? Software or hardware? If you make a group or forum for each topic, you don't know where to post except for certain questions and those are pretty rare. We learned that lesson from SW, nothing is in an obvious group and the groups are completely useless. IT just doesn't work that way on any scale.

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