Configuring DNS for a Sandbox Lab

  • I am setting up a little virtual lab and network off of my main network with a PPTP VPN to access it. We can call this "Operation Hide my Linux Toys." I have 2 VM's so far. VM1 we will call Server1, VM2 we will call VPNServer has 2 NIC's configured one on the internal network, one on the main company network. Server1 has 1 NIC static assigned at I have edited the hosts file on VPNServer to have a record for Server1 to return When I connect my laptop to VPNServer via PPTP, I get a ip on the network, and I can ping What is the easiest way to set this up so I can have Server1 on my laptop VPN client resolve that to I was thinking setting up a DNS Server on VPNServer, but that seems like overkill for a hand full of servers I would just put in my hosts file.

  • I would suggest YES for a DNS Server.

    DNSMasq is easy, and then you can just continue editing the hosts file on the VPNServer.

  • We just use a host file. SO easy to maintain. Just make a master and copy it around with SCP! You canmake a one "line" script that does all the work for you so that it is SUPER easy.

  • Thanks for the advice Scott, but my clients are not all using the same OS. I am 1 step away. Here is what I have

    MacBook:~ Scottie$ nslookup Server1

    Name: Server1

    Howerver : MacBook:~ Scottie$ nslookup Server1 returns ** server can't find gitlab: SERVFAIL with just my local DNS servers. I have added to the DNS settings for the VPN, but it is like they are not being added.

  • I'm afraid that I have not used PPTP for.... ~18 years or so.

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