What were your worst data disasters of 2015?

  • Hey guys,

    I recently came across a list of top 10 data disasters, the causes of which ranged from an overheated server to a phone that was destroyed by a lawn mower. The post got me thinking about real world examples of data loss some of you may have experienced in your IT careers. What were some of the biggest disasters of 2015? How'd they go down? Were you able to recover the data? How?

  • Right after I started my new job, our Banner system (runs on an Oracle DB) suffered a drive failure. It was a Raid 5 array...with hot spares... The hot spares kicked in and two more drives failed, for a total of 4 drives failed in an 8-drive array... Yeah, that wasn't a pretty day, lol.

    (Fortunately, it was not my server, and the system has now been virtualized)./

  • Posted here on ML for the world to see.

    My penance for daring to argue with @scottalanmiller


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