Updating HP drivers

  • Does anyone have a suggestion for the best way to get the latest driver for an HP device?

    Traditionally we'd visit the HP website, look up our device and download. But that's only good for one, maybe two years after a device is released. HP rarely goes back and provides links to updated drivers beyond two years.

  • What brings this up you ask (or maybe you didn't but I'm going to tell you anyway)?

    I have a Probook 6560b and 6570b. For a long while they worked just fine anywhere in my offices over the 18 Cisco APs I have (controlled by a WLC 4400). Starting a month ago though, one, which became two laptops just refuse to work correctly when connecting to a specific AP. If I moved to another part of the building these laptops worked just fine. I have a dozen other laptops that all work with the questionable AP just fine, with no reported issues.

    So of course to try to solve the problem I went in search of newer drivers and firmware. But on the pages for the 6560b/6570b the driver was from 2011.

    Some surfing around online lead me to try downloading the Elitebook 850 G1 Broadcom drivers, and hot damn, they installed and updated my drivers to 2014.

    I'll be trying this new driver to see if my problem goes away.

    But I'm still left in a frustrated situation where I was ready to blame the hardware on these less than 3 year old laptops as being bad, and unable to find a newer driver through normal means.

  • Vendor

    I know now that Windows 10 got driver auto update logic enabled by default and a lifehack when the autoupdated driver fails: How to block automatic reinstall of a driver or update from Windows Update

  • Vendor

    For me thought the question is how drivers from Microsoft differs from the original vendor’s drivers.

    As far as I know, the driver needs to be certified at MS end to reach the MS shop, so at some point the freshest driver can be obtained from the vendor directly…

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