Ugh Windows 10 upgrade to 1511

  • Well I didn't want to give in to the complaining that I saw over on SW about the 1511 update, that is until I came into the office this morning after I kicked off the update/upgrade on my office PC on Saturday.

    I am in this morning and one of the first things I need to do this morning is create a new user. I recently installed RSAT on this machine, so I went to reach for the program where I had pinned it to the start menu - but it was gone. At first I didn't think much of this other than, yeah that SW guy was right and this is a bit of a pain, but I can repin it and I'm good, right? NO! RSAT and at least a dozen different apps ( most I don't have ) were axed by the upgrade to 1511.

    Here a story with more.