Can you modify a PBX system (routing and such) while the PBX's server is still online?

  • For this example lets say that you only have one server running one PBX.
    If you go in and swap two extensions can the other extensions still receive and make calls?

  • With such a broad example I have to say yes, and no.

    I can swap extension on my mitel 5000 phone system, but for that brief moment the phone in unusable until the database is updated.

    It only takes a moment to complete in my scenario though.

  • @DustinB3403 Okay so if I were to be having a phone call with you only, through a PBX and someone changed Danielle's and Art's Routing extensions it wouldn't affect our call even though we are on the same PBX server as them?

  • I haven't ever tested during a live call. I'd imagine most systems are "smart" enough to say "Hey this lines busy, I'd better not allow this"

    That being said I might try tomorrow on my phone system.

    EDIT I completely misread that, and read it as I would expect.

    A call between you and I would not be effected if you were swapping extensions for Art and Danielle.

  • Unless in this example I'm Art.

    In which case, I'd expect the phone system tell the admin, "Sorry the lines busy, try again later"

  • @DustinB3403 I think that people would be interested to read about what you found out from your experiment tomorrow. I think you should post your findings.

  • I know for certain I can swap "inactive" extensions without issue, its simply a database update. But like any database update, the system needs 'write access'.

    It won't affect the other extensions.

    What I'll test tomorrow, is if I can swap an active extension, with an inactive one.

    I'm pretty sure I can't, as it would effectively hang up on the phone call.

  • Any question like this would technically be dependent on the PBX in question and could not be answered generically. That being said, I do not know of any system where this would cause a problem.

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