Really Slow Home Wifi - Is It the User or the ISP?

  • My boss has been having an issue with his FIOS service that really intrigues me.

    He said he has 25 / 5. On wired connections, speedtests are correct...every single time. But if he tries a speed test on wifi (using the Verizon provided router), he gets 2 Mb down at most (consistently). I even suggested he turn off his wifi on the Verizon router and use a wireless access point instead. That did not change anything in terms of speed. He also tried putting a consumer grade router with built-in wifi behind the Verizon router with the same results.

    He said his neighbor is having the exact same problem with his FIOS router, and if I remember right, my boss said he had even had Verizon give him a new router, which did not change anything having to do with the wifi speed.

    Could he have some sort of wifi interference happening? Or is there any way Verizon could be rate limiting wifi somehow?

  • Verizon cannot rate limit WiFi. It has no way to detect WiFi.

  • Is it his next-door neighbor? Is the device on the same channel as his? There could be contention. Has he tried changing channels on his WiFi? Are there any 2.4Ghz phones in the area?

  • @scottalanmiller said:

    Verizon cannot rate limit WiFi. It has no way to detect WiFi.

    They do have access to the wireless settings, however. Once I found out that I can view my wireless key on my customer portal, I promptly set up my own wireless router behind theirs.

  • They do if you use their gear, yes.

  • I have even see simple things like a microwave cause major performance issues for WiFi. Have you tried a Ping test on the wireless to see if you are losing packets?

  • Got a spare Unifi AP hanging around the office? I'd go with a commercial device as a test. Also, make sure yo use various ports on the Verizon router

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