Is Your WiFi Ready for 802.11ax?

  • WiFi is turning twenty five years old (don't you feel old now?) and coming down the pike is the new 802.11ax protocol. While years away from ratification let alone production and availability on the market with projections putting devices in the 2019 range, the new protocol is expected to hit and likely exceed the 10Gb/s speed mark over WiFi!

  • Wait, 10Gb/s? That's crazy.

  • Makes you wonder if 10Gb switches will ever hit mainstream, instead they'll just be wireless.

    just a muse, not a real expectation.

  • Service Provider

    Gig Wireless came out but GigE switches became ubiquitous. So my guess is that this will drive 10GigE adoption even faster. Wireless has low reliability and high latency, the people who want 10Gb/s networking casually will go wireless and those that want it rock solid will go wired. I'm guessing this will drive more applications to leverage it and push adoption faster.