Certification in IT Related Stuffs

  • How many of you interested to get a Certified person in IT related stuffs and Why you are interested to get a Certified in that particular IT stuff?

    Whether certified person gives any special thing or the person without certified and with depth knowledge in the particular IT stuff is better ?

  • Service Provider

    As a service provider, certs are often important to us in showing dedication, skill and marketability to vendor partners. Microsoft certifications, for example, enable us to enhance our standing with Microsoft and to show customers not only that we have experience in a specific area but that we have taken the time and effort to be dedicated to that specific area.

    Example: With an MS SQL Server certification or a group of people with that certification we show customers that SQL Server is something that we went out of our way and dedicated time and money to learning and to showing that we learned how to manage it.

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    I find that certifications are a great way to motivate individuals to learn specific things. Let's use the SQL Server example. Pretty much anyone can install and run MS SQL Server. And they can even learn a lot about it. But there are always aspects of it that they will not know about or never use. Doing a cert helps force them to look at more potential ways to use it, learn tricks and best practices, understand how Microsoft views the product, etc. It can be a great way to force them to "round out" their knowledge of a product that maybe they have already used for a long time but only in certain ways.

  • As a Service provider i accept this but as an individual person in the IT it is hard to enroll for a certificate in the IT related stuffs

  • Speaking as someone who hasn't recently had the time to get new certifications, I think it is a VERY good idea to get them if you are looking to increase your knowledge about a particular subject.

    A lot of times, the best things in life aren't easy. If you have a place where you can go for training and certification, pick an area of IT that interests you. It will make it seem less difficult to get started.

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    @Lakshmana said:

    As a Service provider i accept this but as an individual person in the IT it is hard to enroll for a certificate in the IT related stuffs

    It can show initiative and back up other experience. But they have limited utility for individuals. But as a way to promote learning, I have always found them valuable for me when carefully chosen.

  • Certifications are great for the job hoppers, service providers and big Enterprise IT.
    I find that they are too expensive to maintain and at this point in time, for me, they would be just nice to have.

  • I absolutely hate taking any kind of test or exam, so they're not for me.

  • Service Provider

    I am quite lucky that I kind of like taking tests.