EdgeRouter Lite: Ad Blocking

  • I'm getting a tad frustrated with ads. I have a site that keeps kicking WebRoot when either a refresh or link open is performed. Sad thing is that AdBlock is installed, so I don't know why this should occur.

    @JaredBusch and I, and maybe others had the discussion about added the AdBlock to the router.

    I wanted to confirm that this is the proper steps to perform prior to starting..

    EdgeMAX - Ad Blocking

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    This is not something i would do on my router. If i want UTM, I would install a VM with one and set it as the proxy in my browser.

    But, others do like this setup. I would have to search the threads on the UBNT forums to say if this is a good method or not.

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    If it is a very specific ad that is an issue, you might want to consider blocking it manually either via IP at the router or via DNS or something similar.