Is Mozilla Following in Sun's Footsteps?

  • Sun once dominated high tech, then it faded into obscurity and was eventually acquired by Oracle. Mozilla once led and is now greatly diminished. Is Mozilla following Sun down the trail to obscurity?

  • Let's hope not, but I fear that they are. Sun was still making great stuff right up until the end.

  • Mozilla once lead? When was this? After Netscape started promoting open source because Microsoft drove them out of business? Firefox was a great alternative for a few years, but all during that time IE still dominated, Chrome has outdone Firefox. I still use Firefox for development since it has the best tools, but it's so damn slow compared to Chrome I never use it for regular browsing, plus also they keep making API changes arbitrarily so extensions break between versions without notice.

    Sun had a lot of good talent and created a lot for the world, they sold for a hell of a lot, but because of licensing if Mozilla was ever sold, it'd never, ever sell for anywhere close to what Sun sold for or even what Netscape sold for to AOL.

    Mozilla/Firefox will likely stay around but probably turn into a more obscure open source project just as regular Mozilla was before the Firefox project started. And Mozilla isn't making great stuff either, so...

  • Like @tonyshowoff says I do not think they ever led. Firefox was good for a brief time, but I too always feel it is too slow to use.

    I use Chrome or Safari as my default browser. I pop IE to test things and even more rarely I'll pop Firefox to test something.