Microsoft's next big headache: The Google Chromebook

  • We have a Chromebook here. We love it, really great technology.

  • For non-video game home use, the Chromebook is nearly perfect for average people. Such a good device. So simple and cost effective. It completely takes care of itself. The cost to buy one is low and the maintenance is the lowest of any home computing device ever. Nothing more to spend. It is really neat. And I love that it comes in ARM processor options, of course. I wish that their desktop line would expand. There is one Chromebox now and another due soon.

    For business it is not as easy to pick a Chromebook architecture but some small businesses should definitely consider it. If you are starting from day one and go with Google all the way, a pure Chromebook/box and Android platform solution with Google Apps integration can be dirt cheap and very powerful.

  • I was able to use a Chromebook for a bit. For a windows based business (we do 90% of everything on Office 365 architecture) it was difficult. However for checking email, and web based work it was awesome. Fast, easy to use, no upkeep. So for a google apps based business (which I have only seen a few of in my dealings) this is a great asset. For home use, email, FaceBook, watching movies it is also great. I have pointed technology illiterate family members to these and they all love them.

  • I think that they remain pretty tough for developers still too. Although a more traditional Linux desktop will be great for that. Mint, OpenSuse or Fedora make awesome development workstations.