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    We recently purchased two licenses of this to handle our remote support. I have since installed the "Access" agent on about 75 client machines. This software just rocks. I upgraded 7 desktops and 2 laptops from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 this week all through ScreenConnect.

    It is $300 per simultaneous technician needing to be connected for 2-4 and gets as low as $250 per tech when buying 10+.

    Their upgrade pricing is also one of the fairest things I've seen.

    Meetings and support sessions all support audio through the app itself (mic/speakers required of course, duh!)

    The product has been around since late 2009 going by their press releases. If anyone is in the market for a remote support tool, I will highly recommend it.

  • I have demoed the product a few times and even wrapped in our website! I think it's fantastic and will be looking to add it to our company's tool box in the next 6 months.

    I was really sold on the ability to send the "end user needs to do nothing.exe" file. After trying to send the normal .exe, I send the other one and was able to connect. The end user couldn't follow directions.

  • We've been using it for quite some time. Really happy with the product and its support. May be one of the cheapest and best self hosted remote support tools. Once a laptop is setup, we manage the installations using the toolbox.

  • We've been using ScreenConnect at the office for a couple months, ever since the whole LogMeIn pricing fiasco; we were a Central subscriber and not actually affected by the change, but I decided to find a new solution just out of principal on the way they treat their customers.

    Here's the things I like about ScreenConnect:

    • The server AND viewing client runs on Linux (which means I didn't need to add more Windows servers at the office, and I don't have to boot up a Windows VM when accessing things from home; the client is Java so in theory it could run on a lot of devices, although I haven't tried it on anything else yet.)
    • The agent that runs on the workstations is extremely light-weight (around 1MB I think) and easy to install (MSI for group policy deployment)
    • Their tech support has been very responsive and easy to deal with; I even threw a few "best practice" type of questions at them and they gave me great answers.
    • The server operates perfectly behind NAT
    • Great pricing (2 concurrent technician/host licenses was the same price as 1 year of LMI Central)

    The only surprise I've had so far was finding out that Active Directory integration is not currently available when running the server on Linux; but they said it's coming "very soon".

  • I just upgraded the server from 4.1 to 4.2 last week and it was so seamless. Then pushing out to the devices was simply a matter of selecting the devices and telling them to reinstall.

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