FreePBX Server Realm ...

  • We're going to be outfitting our conference rooms with some Crestron equipment. One aspect is that the Crestron devices will appear as extensions on our phone system and the vendor has asked for some configuration information including the "server realm" for the phone system.

    This was new to me as I don't remember needing this when we set up our FreePBX systems. From what I have seen by googling it appears to be a way to have separate authentication domains. As best I can tell the realm is used when registering to FreePBX in the form of <extension>@<realm>. On our systems, all of our devices are registered in this format with the realm parameter being the IP address of our FreePBX system.

    Would I be correct to say then that the realm of our system is simply the IP address (or FQDN) of the phone system?

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