cups: Changing URI

  • As mentioned in another thread, I have Diet-Pi running on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ that is acting as a Print Server, and APC UPS monitoring device. Since I actually re-built the SD card, I've not gotten that up and running yet though -

    But - I have a Dymo 330 Turbo connected, and Linux being the awesome system it is, found it and added it to CUPS like it's suppose to. However, I have a rather unfriendly name as the default.

    DeviceURI usb://DYMO/LabelWriter%20330%20Turbo?serial=04031709272675

    I'd like to change the URI to something a little more friendly, but want to make sure that it works of course.

    Starting with

    lpinfo -v
    direct usb://DYMO/LabelWriter%20330%20Turbo?serial=04031709272675

    Shows the current name for the Printer -

    What is the proper method of changing this, as what I am seeing is a tad confusing as of yet.

    Would it be:

    DeviceURI usb://DYMO/Dymo330?serial=04031709272675