Upgrade FreePBX 14 to FreePBX 15

  • Do not run this if you use PBXact.

    That is not yet compatible with the FreePBX 15 upgrade.

    Upgrading from freePBX 14 to FreePBX 15 is pretty painless and is only a few steps.

    First things first, make sure you have a backup. Since I use Vultr, I shutdown FreePBX and then make a clean powered off snapshot. Sure it can take 20 minutes, but meh. Way better than getting screwed with no recovery point.

    1. SSH into the FreePBX console and switch to root.
    2. Upgrade the operating system.
    yum update -y
    1. Upgrade all of the modules to current and reload.
    fwconsole ma upgradeall
    fwconsole reload
    1. Install the upgrade module and reload
    fwconsole ma downloadinstall versionupgrade
    fwconsole reload
    1. Have the version upgrade module verify readiness. Fix any issues reported.
    fwconsole versionupgrade --check
    1. Upgrade.
    fwconsole versionupgrade --upgrade
    1. Reload.
    fwconsole reload
    1. Upgrade all the modules again, nothing should be found at this step, but better to be safe.
    fwconsole ma upgradeall
    fwconsole reload
    1. Looks like this was updated to get instaled during the upgrade of the backup module now.
      Install the filestore module, this is needed for the new backup module to work right.
      fwconsole ma downloadinstall filestore
      fwconsole reload

    2. Optionally install the new api module (I plan to take advantage of this soon).

    fwconsole ma downloadinstall api
    fwconsole reload
    1. Switch to Asterisk 17
    1. Reboot and make sure everything comes up normally.
    2. Sign in to the GUI, go to the Backup module, delete the existing backups and recreate them.