Possible Deceptive Advertising Claims by Covetrus

  • Browsing Facebook I came across an advertisement for Covetrus (Maker of Veterinary Software) that stated 60% of companies that experience data loss close within six months.

    The ad neglects to site a source or even explain what kind of data loss. Did Marge from HR delete a photo from the annual company picnic? Did ransomware wipe out the CEO's desktop?

    Clipboard - January 27, 2020 6_38 AM.png

    So I asked in a post for their source.

    They send me this link: https://www.inc.com/joe-galvin/60-percent-of-small-businesses-fold-within-6-months-of-a-cyber-attack-heres-how-to-protect-yourself.html?fbclid=IwAR2POu0JO9eyQuJiw9S66cf_iEFEc8kBT1vlAgsMXWFMantVn0EVDFu5Ndo

    The link is by the Chief Research Officer of a company called Vistage. Vistage as it turns out is a company that sells CEO mentoring/training/coaching to other companies to help them succeed.

    To view the article you click on a link and put in all of your personal info into Vistage's website.

    Once you do that, you are scheduled with an online meeting with Vistage about how to become a member of the organization and receive services from them.

    (Bob Loblaw has a 10:30 appointment tomorrow with them)

    Such a shame that many people will see their ad and not even think twice about if any of it is even true.

    Just my rant for a Monday morning!

  • @CCWTech Update: I asked the same question on the Covetrus FB post and I was banned for asking them for their source!

  • @CCWTech a bizarre ad to run for a company that doesn't have any sort of data loss protection on their big products and who encourages their customers to run with just a shared universal password on admin accounts. Telling people that data loss is a big risk, when that would instantly drive their customers away from them, seems like a crazy gambit.

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