Kari's Law and Notification Requirements

  • Kari’s law also establishes notification requirements that must be satisfied contemporaneously with 911 calls. The mandatory notification made to the appropriate central location must communicate, at a minimum:

    • The fact that a 911 call has been made;
    • a valid callback number; and
    • the information about the caller’s location that the MLTS conveys to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with the call; provided, however, that the notification does not have to include a callback number or location information if it is technically infeasible to provide this information.

    The order further clarifies how the required notification may be transmitted. The FCC specifically identifies the following examples of permissible notification methods:

    • Conspicuous on-screen messages with audible alarms for security desk computers using a client application;
    • text messages for smartphones; and
    • email for administrators.

  • At least the notification requirements are pretty simple and straightforward. For almost everyone, just email out a notification.