Advice On Setting Up Veeam Backup To Remote Repository

  • I've just setup a client's Hyper-V server at a local datacenter. I've also setup Veeam in a VM and pointed it to a local (in the DC) backup repository. All of that is working beautifully. Next step is that we need to setup an offsite backup. Client has asked that we use his Synology NAS that's located in his office as the remote backup repository. We were going to use Wasabi which would have made my life significantly easier however the $150/month price tag for 25TB is more than he's willing to spend.

    Wondering is anyone here has setup a backup repository for Veeam on a remote server or NAS. I could connect the NAS to the DC Veeam server via VPN and use split DNS so that not all of the NAS traffic would go over the VPN but just not sure if that's the ideal solution.

    Anyone have a better idea?

  • The correct way to offsite Veeam requires Veeam installed on a system at the remote site. That remote Veeam instance is what talks to the remote data store.

    If you are only doing copy jobs, the remote Veeam instance does not require Veeam licensing.