NodeBB Upgrade Guide

  • As GroveSocial does this for many more sites than a normal company, we took the five minutes to assemble and test a one liner for upgrading NodeBB. Wanted to post here for anyone searching.

    Obviously take a database backup first (depends on what database you use) and change the exported version as appropriate.

    git fetch; git pull; ./nodebb stop; ./nodebb upgrade; npm i; ./nodebb start; ./nodebb log

  • With the update to 0.5.1 we noticed that there was a continuous problem with the GIT repo and you have to issue this command to fix it:

    git reset --hard origin/v0.5.x

  • If you want to do the upgrade but not have the start and stop portions in the script, here you go...

    export version=v0.5.x; git fetch && git checkout $version && git reset --hard origin/v0.5.x && git pull && ./nodebb upgrade

  • Here is how it used to be...

        export version=v0.5.x; ./nodebb stop; git fetch; git checkout $version; git merge origin; git reset --hard origin/master; git pull; ./nodebb upgrade; ./nodebb start; ./nodebb log

  • @scottalanmiller said in NodeBB Upgrade Guide:

    Here is how it used to be...

    You should make a note in that first post that it is updated or something.

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