ASA/N4000 routing...

  • Hi folks,

    I have an ASA and Dell N4000 switch.

    ASA is vLAN 5 on the N4000 is Clients on vLAN 5 can route to the Internet perfectly.

    vLAN 6 is I have enabled routing between vLANs and clients on either can ping clients on the other vLAN.

    My problem... vLAN 6 clients cannot get to the Internet.

    How can I resolve that?

    I have tried adding these two static routes, but no dice.

    static route (the vLAN 5 interface).
    static route (the ASA)

    Any other ideas?


  • You need to put a route on the ASA so it knows how to get to VLAN 6

    something like

    route add

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