Netgear R6400 / AC1750 Port Forwarding Overlap Issue

  • Working on a Netgear R6400 firewall that is doing NAT with port forwarding. We can put in one rule no problem. We need to forward multiple outside ports to one internal port, but at different IP addresses. But when we put in the details, it says that we have a port conflict even though the ports are on different IPs. That makes no sense and this is a completely normal way to do port forwarding (common with RDP servers, for example.)

    Is this unit unable to do that? Are we missing some obvious way to into the data? This is so weird.

    @Osvaldo working on this with me.

  • Upgrading the firmware in case this is a known bug that has been addressed.

  • So the Netgear N6400 was at We updated and rebooted. Now it is gone. Just vanished. And the IP of the desktop that we were working from changed. Now we are on and when we go to the default gateway it is no longer the Netgear, but instead a Comcast router. So the Netgear just... vanished? It is as if it just turned itself into a bridge and disappeared. Physically it has to still be there, but after the reboot it logically just disappeared completely!

  • Time to run down to the store and pick up a new one.

  • @Pete-S said in Netgear R6400 / AC1750 Port Forwarding Overlap Issue:

    Time to run down to the store and pick up a new one.

    Another R6400? Heck, if it really just died and failed into a bridge mode, I'm thrilled. It wasn't working before and we can't figure out what it was for. So hopefully it is just gone.

  • The Netgear R6400 just showed up in a network IP scan at So this is telling me that the Netgear's WAN port has to be attached to a network switch behind the firewall and was not in line for double NATting, but was actually a rogue DHCP server just chilling on the network.

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