Skyetel enabling international calling

  • As one of the most up front cautious SIP providers I have worked with, it is no surprise that Skyetel does not let you call outside of the US & Canada without jumping through some hoops.

    I don't argue this too much as it is for your own protection. & Twilio have similar things setup. Just a different and less restrictive set of hoops from the outset.

    Here is @Skyetel's wiki the matter.

    Mostly clear.

    1. Open a ticket and request that High Cost be enabled on your account. Yes, this is an account level block.
      • It does not specifically tell you what to ask for. You will almost always want what their wiki describes as Tier 20.
      • Trust me, after dealing with calling for this many years, Tier 10 will be a problem for most companies that make any international calls.
    2. Now you need to go into every phone number that you want to allow outbound high cost calling. Typically this will only b your main caller id number for most. Obviously some people have special outbound caller ID setup. those will need it enabled if so.
    3. The part that was not clear to me was the Fraud Limit and remaining balance as they were both 0 on a new setup.
      • set the Tier to High Cost

      • set the limit to whatever dollar amount you want before it kills international calling. Obviously you need to know what typical usage is to set this at a decent level. Skyetel recommends $50 here. I recommend lower unless you know yo call that much international. Granted this should never actually become a problem because you have a secure PBX system in the first place right?

      • also know that the remaining balance resets, automatically every month. So if you set things right, you will not ever need to come in here and reset funds.

    The full window:

  • Super helpful, Thanks!

    For those who are curious, our international rates and their corresponding tiers are here: