Microsoft Word Settings GPO for Citrix

  • We have an application coming into our environment that requires a specific setting to be disabled in word in order to be able to print. The problem is if you change even the local setting of the application is only applies to profiles you've logged in with and manually changed the setting. Does anyone have an example of what they did to apply a settings change for office to all profiles?

  • If you can find the registry setting that changes you can apply that at the user setting level in GP.

  • Assuming this setting is not included in the ADMX file from Microsoft, then, as per @Dashrender, I'd use something like Regshot to show the changes to the registry prior/post this change in Word and then push the registry key to HKCU on login.

  • I made the changes but the GPO won't apply after gpupdate /force to the xenapp server.


    I also tried to apply this via administrative template and it did not apply. Digging around trying to find out why this is the case. If I turn off block inheritance it applies from some other GPO but not the one I set here. Unsure why.

  • If this is a terminal server you'll need to create a user based GPO then enable loopback processing so that a user GPO can apply to a computer.

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