Uncertain Of Wants

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm just lost right now. I am interested in so many different areas of IT, I love technology and learning a bit of everything.
    That being said, I signed up for Pluralsight and am loving that too! I'm learning a lot, buuuuuuuuuuuut...I can't seem to stick to one thing.
    Sometimes I feel like a kid with ADD. I started with Azure Devops Expert, I rate at a two star level, yay. But now I'm drifting to SQL, but then learning JQuery sounds interesting.
    I've always wanted to play around with creating a Linux server just to learn more about it.

    At the moment though, I've been thrown in this Web Administrator position, I'm not too interested in it...Though I like the development side.

    What do you do to focus and stay committed to learning one thing at a time?

  • @kamidon said in Uncertain Of Wants:

    but then learning JQuery sounds interesting.

    at that point, you've even left IT completely. JQuery is a developer item. Fun stuff, just not infrastructure or operations related.

  • Yeah I'm all over the place and I'm having a hard time focusing.
    I think when my six month probation period (new employee, new state, new house) is over, I'll take a few days off to reflect.
    Three months to go!

  • No simple answer to "educational ADD". LOL Something that you kind of just have to figure out for yourself. What can you do that makes you sit down and focus on something? And does it really matter? What you are describing is the foundations of a generalist.

  • @scottalanmiller Hmm, you're right! Yeah nothing wrong with learning a bit of everything.
    I really don't want to specialize in everything, but I want to be incredible in every area. (obviously can't learn everything in well...everything. I'm not you haha)

  • Consider doing projects to help with focus. Like... you want to build a PBX for home. So figure out all of the pieces for that and get it up and running and put it into use.

  • Also, consider writing guides. This forces you to have to focus on something to completion to be able to write it up.

  • @scottalanmiller Ohhhhhhhh ok, I'll try that!

  • If you can focus on something you can use in your current job, it will definitely help your resume out because you can actually list professional experience with what you learned.

    However, that route can make the transition to something else you want to do slower, if you can't use what you want to learn in in current job.

    I was able to transition from IT into development, but I've been having a hard time really breaking away from the Microsoft world.

  • @flaxking I love writing Powershell scripts, but I can't see myself full time developing, despite my wanting to learn C# or Jquery.
    Hmm, I think I'll try and continue down the Azure Devops path, get that cert and go from there.

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