FreePBX Backup failing

  • I just found that my backup that has been working for years, has started failing. I get the following message when running the backup manually via the GUI.

    Saving Backup 2…
    Error: could not save backup. Aborting!
    Initializing Backup 2
    Backup Lock acquired!
    Running pre-backup hooks…
    Adding items…
    Complete (Connection closed)

    I did notice that the backup does start saving some files in /var/spool/asterisk/tmp. But does not copy them to the /var/spool/asterisk/backup folder.

    There is enough space on the drive. The backups are only about 1.5 GB, and the freespace available is about 30 GB. Running FreePBX13

    Does anyone know where to look next?

  • @fuznutz04 wild guess, but is there enough space in /tmp?

  • Jared is right, /tmp tends to be very small and often fills up long before other things.

  • Yes, the size of tmpfs is 7.8 GB, but only 12K is used.

  • Looks like the problem is with the CDR database. If I remove that from the backup (temporarily), the backup completes as normal.

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