Ethical vs Legal for user mailboxes

  • Email can be a very private application that users use on a daily basis. Would it be ethical or even legal if upper management were to make a request to have all emails forwarded to them for a specific user? I feel like that would be invading a users privacy, but also feel all the data (emails) belong to the company and they can access as desired. Any thoughts on this?

  • There is absolutely nothing unethical or illegal about this at all. Specifically so if at hire/new hire orientation it was stated that everything provided by the company is subject to search and monitor at any time.

    Of course state law may vary so confirm in your region - but generally this is perfectly fine.

  • @Fredtx said in Ethical vs Legal for user mailboxes:

    have all emails forwarded to them for a specific user

    This is stupid though.

    Instead access to the users mailbox can be granted. Gods, who want sot have multiple peoples email all showing up in their inbox..

    People are so fucking stupid.

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