What clustered hypervisors are built for performance?

  • @scottalanmiller said in Testing oVirt...:

    Because it requires Gluster and/or remote storage. It doesn't offer straight local (highest performance) or high performance local cluster options.

    So this raises a question, what clustered solutions are built for performance?

  • All of the hypervisors are built for this. It's the storage and clustering that may or may not be built for this. As a rule, highest performance systems are not clustered at all, the can't be. Clustering takes a performance hit.

    But in the extreme performance space products like VMware and Starwind are the top dogs. Both have multiple solutions, but they are using tech like memory sharing, localized data, NVMEoF, log structuring, and others to do things that Gluster just can't do. So much so that products like Gluster sometimes use these techs on top to accelerate them (example: Starwind makes a CEPH accelerator platform.)