Dell N3000 VLAN

  • Hi folks,

    I have a Dell switch with VLAN4. Under IP on the UI, this VLAN4 has no IP addressing set. Interface 2 - 10 is set to be access mode, PVID 4.

    A second Dell switch also has VLAN4, which is set to be 172.16.x.x network. The interfaces are set access mode 1 - 48 PVID 4. Interface 1 connects to an ASA

    If I connect the first switch interface 2 to the second switch, should they act as one VLAN? (Like, if I connected two layer 2 switch).


  • Yes, if you are setting physical ports to a VLAN, then they are acting like a physically different switch on those ports. So attaching another physical switch to one of those ports would make it a switch on that VLAN.