Looking for new speakers

  • I know someone that has an old Denon receiver (with dual cassettes, CD changer, turntable) than has a blown sub.

    They want to get new speakers for the system.

    The existing ones were MK's. Any suggestions?


  • Hrmm. High level input for sub (no low level on that receiver), 40 Wpc into an 8 ohm load from that receiver...
    The SX-7s were just bookshelf speakers correct? With, what looks like a 10" sub?
    What sort of budget are we looking at?

  • I'd probably look at the PSB Alpha line (P5) with their 100 or 250 sub if you wanted something a little "higher quality" but would work with that sort of input.

    Otherwise, the Monoprice 12" subwoofer along with their 6.5" bookshelf speaker should result in half decent sound for a very low investment.

  • New or used? Purpose? Budget?

    I'm partial to Paradigm but that's mainly because I managed to score 2 sets of Monitor 3 v2 speakers when an independent record store closed where I was living a few years ago....

    Anyways, bang for the buck I'd shop craigslist or kijiji for used Paradigm of the same vintage. The newer stuff seems gimmicky but I can't find any fault with any of their gear that I've had the pleasure to enjoy.

  • With subs, there isn't really any voice matching concerns. You would just make sure that the crossover was enough to compensate for the rest of the speakers' ranges. If they are small and have no mid, you would want to have a sub that can mostly fill in that higher range. Also, line (RCA) vs speaker wire pass-throughs.

    SVS and Outlaw and even BIC would be good for budget-minded installs.