Epson TM-T88V Printer

  • Hi,
    I have 5 Epson TM-T88V Printers and all of them were changed to 10.x.x.108/ IP address (same ip address). The default printer factory IP address is
    Q1. How did the printer IP change? You can change ip printer settings via web browser (accidentally left no password).
    Q2. Is there a way for me to trace who change them? if any. (maybe leaving 1 printer sandbox w/out password and wait for the culprit to change it again)

  • Need a whole lot more information. But the short answer is no. You have no recourse here. If you had some logging enabled and sending to snmp or something, you might have.

  • yah, this printer doesnt have much. So it seems i may have lurker on my network. what is the best sandbox device to lure the lurker so I can trace? I'm hoping there is a device that i can leave open/no password or minimum password that will log everything.

  • I would add a non-default password and let it go. There is no reasonable way to catch someone on the network. You had something left wide open. There is no reason to think that you'll catch someone again. It is most likely just a prank.

  • @maximus DHCP could have been turned on accidentally and the IP address can change like that obviously.

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